Studio Musicians Desk

The “Studio Musicians Desk” is a project that was conceived by the client.  At our first meeting he had asked me to build him an heirloom studio musicians desk. This desk is to be made to be booth functional and beautiful. It was designed to hold much of the electrical equipment that a musician would need.

He provided the initial drawings for the desk. As you can see it was a very good beginning. We discussed the wood that would be used for the project and after much consideration it was decided that the main portion of the desk would be made of Birdseye maple trimmed with Black Walnut. The two pedestals  would be made of grade “A” maple plywood. On the side of the pedestals sound waves  accents will be made of  Black Walnut .  The riser would be supported by Walnut uprights that would also server as mounts for a 3U rack.  The riser itself would be solid Birdseye maple.

The pedestal it self would be approximately 60″ deep with an angle front. The angle front was to facilitated the loading of the electronic equipment. They will be load on to a 35″ long rack. There will be tambour doors covering the equipment when not in use. The pedestal will have wheels .

The not shown in the drawings there will be a Black Walnut cross inlaid into the top of the desk.

Once complete assemble the desk will measure 86″ wide 40″ deep and approximately 37″ high.


Under the main desk there will be a wide pull out shelf, for the placement of a keyboard.

The unit will be finished with a satin lacquer finish.

Computer Rendering

The following renderings are some of the renderings for the desk. We consulted on the design until we came up with the final rendering.