Figueroas Custom Furniture Orlando Florida, Helped Make Dreams Come True

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Figueroas Fine Custom Furniture Orlando Florida, created a dream gift for my sisters wedding day and she couldn`t have been happier.


When we got married, my husband and I were gifted a carved white love seat from our families, custom made just for us. It was carved with our initials and the date of our wedding
and it was the most touching present we could have hoped for.

We love the outdoors and our garden is our pride and joy. We spend so much time out there, especially now we have the kids, and to this day, seven years later, the bench is still a focal piece and has, if anything, got better with age and use.

Family Tradition – Spreading The Joy

When my sister told us she was getting married I knew right away that we had to do the same for her. She and I are similar in so many ways and I knew that she too would love to have something functional yet beautiful which would remind her of her big day every time she used it.

I began doing my research online for a custom furniture Orlando Florida  and I also started to look for ideas of the kind of bench she would like.

This is where she and I differ because I love a very romantic style, like something you would see in a Disney film, whereas my sister prefers more rustic looking furniture. The wooden furniture in their home is medium to dark in colour so I knew that would be the kind of look she would prefer and it also had to be hard wearing because they have two large dogs so it needed to be able to take a bit of a battering!

My sister and her husband live right by the water with their own little jetty and I loved the idea of a two-person seat with a matching table where they could enjoy watching the sunset across the water in the evening with a cool drink in hand.

Finding Figueroas

As soon as I saw Figueroas Fine Custom Furniture Orlando Florida, I knew they were exactly who I had been searching for.

Family run, every piece made or overseen by the owner himself and local; it could not have been more perfect.

Looking through the website, I spotted a gorgeous two person bench and table in their outdoor furniture section and, after discussing our needs with Ruben, the owner, we decided that since the bench would live on the jetty year round, the Ike wood would be best due to its longevity and natural resistance to the elements and insects.

Ruben from Figueroas Fine Customer Furniture Orlando Florida, met our needs from start from to finish and created a dream gift for us; a beautiful yet functional piece of furniture that my sister and her new husband absolutely love and enjoy spending their evenings relaxing by the water on.