I thought Looking For Custom Commercial Furniture Orlando Would Be A Nightmare, But Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture Was A Dream Find!

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When I started my own psychotherapy business five years ago I was working out of our spare room.  I loved being at home, doing something I enjoyed and earning money for my family at the same time but as the business expanded I needed to take on my own employees, including a receptionist and another therapist, and I knew I needed my own professional space outside of the home.  It was then that finding some custom commercial furniture Orlando became a necessity.


I researched available spaces, including standalone buildings and rooms within larger commercial buildings, for around six months before finding my ideal place which had been on the market for nearly a year.  The location was perfect and the space itself incorporated a small waiting room and three separate therapy spaces.

Making A Change

Even though the space itself was ideal – open, bright and welcoming – it came totally bare and I needed to kit out the whole place, and because of the slightly awkward shape of the reception room, I realised prefab furniture wouldn’t work and that I would need some custom commercial furniture Orlando!  I thought that this could explain why it had been on the rental market for so long, but this business is my passion so I didn’t mind the idea of spending some money to get it looking and feeling right, and I went ahead with the rental.

Bringing My Ideas To Life

The problem I had quickly became apparent though; I had lots of ideas about how I wanted the place to look, but had no clue where to start! I really needed the help of an expert to get the ideas I had out of my head and into reality so I did some research for custom commercial furniture Orlando and found a number of local businesses.

Some looked like they dealt with huge commercial jobs and I felt that my smaller job would get lost and I would not get the attention my business deserved – and then I found Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture. 

Getting It Right

I knew that Figueroa’s, who makes custom commercial furniture Orlando, was the right company for me as they were local so they could design, make and fit it for me and they just had a great way about them.  They were so keen to help me, and supported me throughout in getting my ideas for a seating area and reception desk on to paper and then into reality.

Initially, I thought it would be hard finding someone to make custom commercial furniture Orlando, but the process was so easy.  Ruben Figueroa and his team are as passionate about their work as I am about mine, and together we designed and created my dream reception space and therapy rooms so that when my clients walk in, they are met with a calm and professional yet welcoming atmosphere.