Customized Furniture in FL Made Our Business Dreams Come To Life

Beautiful Room Design |Figueroa's Fine Custom Furniture

My partner and I recently opened a small bed and breakfast near Orlando which has been a long-held dream of ours.  We had discussed the ins-and-outs of running a business together for many years and when we finally found the building which fitted our ideas we decided to go ahead and find some customized furniture in FL.


A big part of this dream for me was to create a beautiful getaway for our guests.  A little, traditional safe haven of peace and tranquilly and I had exactly the look and style in my mind.  The problem was that I could not find any stores which sold the kind of furniture, and most importantly beds, which I wanted for my rooms.  This is when we stumbled on the idea of having some customized furniture made for us.  We began looking for companies who offered customized furniture in FL and quickly discovered Ruben of Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture.

Everything about his website expressed how passionate he was about his work and that really appealed to me as an equally passionate new business owner. 

Ideas Coming To Life

I got some ideas together of the look I was hoping to achieve in each of the three rooms and drew up a few sketches of the kind of beds I wanted.  Even from my rough drawings, I could tell that Ruben and his team got what I was asking for and I was so excited to have found a company who made such beautiful customized furniture in FL.

I looked through some of his previous jobs and together we pulled together the final designs for two single beds and two doubles and from there, the team got to work.

Shaping Up Beautifully

They kept us informed throughout the job and allowed us to pop into the studio to see how they were progressing.  I chose a beautiful dark redwood for the beds to really create a cosy, traditional style atmosphere in the rooms and once polished up I couldn’t believe how lovely it looked.  The designs on each of the headboards and the shaping of the frames were amazing and they each matched one another which I loved because it brought a uniformity to the rooms. 

Getting customized furniture in FL was not the cheapest option I could have gone for of course, but it was absolutely the right one and Ruben finished the project on time and within budget which was more than we could have asked for. 

Love For Our Locally Created Furniture

The beds have totally changed the look of the rooms and now, the whole business really feels like it is coming together since opening.  Our guests always compliment us on the beds and when we tell them that they were locally made it makes for a great story and we love supporting a local business too! Our plan next year is to come back to Figueroa’s for some more matching furniture items for each of the rooms and expand our collection of beautiful, locally crafted, customized furniture in FL.