About Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture

         Ruben Figueroa, who is the owner/manager of the Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture, talks about how he was inspired to start his business and describes the inspiration that he uses to manage the team that works for him to produce every piece of fine furniture “I can remember, like it was yesterday, the wood shop at Saint Mary’s Recreational Center across from where I lived growing up in Bronx, New York. One day I found myself exploring the Center and the smell of fresh cut woods from the shop was all it took to get me into a simple woodworking project and I have been hooked ever since!

          Taking wood shop classes, reading trade publications, and following this passion wherever it leads, has been an amazing and challenging journey. As a result, I have learned through experience how to produce a quality piece of furniture. In my opinion, a real crafts person puts their heart and soul into each creation and this is truly evident in the sweat, blood, and effort that go into each and every detail. When I begin a piece, the “fascination with wood” starts all over again. How does the final piece come into being? How do the raw materials form into a thing of beauty? How does each creation become appealing and unique in its own right? I have come to an understanding that one of the magic ingredients is a part of the crafts person and his team that stays within the final product.

         My intention is, always, to meet the needs of the clients. That is, to make a piece that is, functional, beautiful, and well built. I am filled with joy when the client is thrilled with the final product. After working with wood for over 30 years, I can honestly say that I enjoy it more today than when I walked into that shop as a ten-year old boy.

         I hope you will recognize the love and care that my team puts into each and every piece as you view our website. Every project produced by the Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture team is personally supervised by Ruben Figueroa to maintain his unique quality and attention to detail. When you choose Ruben Figueroa and Figueroa’s Fine Custom Furniture you are choosing the very best custom work.